Everything Is Righteous the new album available February 1st, 2015.

Fasten your seat belts folks you're in for a big fat New Orleans bump in the road with the ALL NEW Smoking Time Jazz Club album Everything Is Righteous.

Recorded In New Orleans in November 2014 by Richard Bird and mixed by Earl Scioneaux III. We had the good fortune to record Craig Flory, Tomas Majcherski and Byron Asher alternating between the clarinet and the tenor and alto saxophone throughout the entire recording and what a wonderful and glorious sound it is!  

Listen for the classic clarinet trio in Mamanita and the wild and swinging triple clarinet threat of While They Were Dancing Around. Craig plays bass clarinet on Jealousy Blues and renders one of the most sublime recordings that the band has ever made. With the addition of Joseph Faison on guitar the Smoking Time rhythm section has been overhauled and turbo charged. 

This album is good old fashioned fun and our most exciting release to date with Sarah Peterson's fresh vocal stylings we recorded some fantastic songs. The new album features River Man, Away All The Time and Alligator Pond Gone Dry. Check out the latin tinge of Ubangi Man and the traditional jazz classic Deep Henderson and the hypnotic New Orleans Bump. You'll also hear barn burnin' classics like The Chant, Rockin' In Rhythm and the opus blues Black Cat Moan and many more great songs. We find delight and inspiration from songs by the great turn of the century artists who made jazz the living cultural legacy it is today. So if you like classic jazz and blues you will enjoy listening to the sweet, seductive, sultry sounds of the Smoking Time Jazz Club's new release Everything Is Righteous